AMANDAN spent the first years of his life in a small village in the middle of germany. After graduating from high school, he studied industrial engineering and international management. Successful years of entrepreneurship and teaching at the private University of Heidelberg followed.

One day a spiritual inspiration reached him with the request to return to his hometown Göttingen and to clean up. He then stopped all activities and withdrew from normal life. He followed this call and went back to Göttingen. A few months later he had his first out-of-body experience in which he received the meaning of his existence to bring the speech of oneness on earth. 7 years of purification were to follow – until finally there was no one left …

In the years of purification everything that did not correspond to his true nature and covered his essence was to be brought to light and then released. So every fear and every shadow that he carried within himself showed up. He experienced poverty, phases of dysfunction, dependencies, loneliness, massive physical pain, constantly changing apartments and accommodations, from mechanics’ accommodation to 1-room storage rooms in old industrial buildings. He experienced violence, hostility, psychiatric admissions and the total rejection of society. He himself knew at all times that everything was just right and good for him.

Today he lives withdrawn and in seclusion. In him there is deep peace and infinite space. He follows his spontaneous inspirations and touches the whole world. Every now and then he follows the request of people to teach them. These lessons are in written form.