Pricipal, we do not give concrete references. Neither we do not provide any informations about the effects or previous experiences of people, companies etc. and we do not advise with celebreties or famous person. It is neither about these people nor about moving you to a specific decision. It’s all about you and about making your own coherent decision. This decision is made in you alone. In addition the contact with him is a very intimate and personal affair, which does not require the public.

In general it can be said: Everything will happen what is the best for the individual person, for th animal, for the company etc. and their true nature. The effects can be achieved in a soft, sometimes evenly unnoted, and in an very intensive way. It depends on the true nature of the reciepient and on the chosen intensity of energy. The time, when these impacts will appear, can variate from immediate entrances until month, sometimes even years. It also depends on the nature of the recipient. Everything will happen at the right time.