At the beginning of his life, he lived in a small village near Göttingen (Germany). He studied Industrial Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) and International Management (MBA). He was a very successful multi-entrepreneur, lecturer at the private University of Heidelberg and he advised the boards of large corporations and medium-sized enterprises.

Due to a spiritual inspiration, he retired from all activities and withdrew from normal life. He gave himself completely to this purification – 7 years – until he was a nobody.

Today he is considered to be the spiritual personality of our time. He is truly enlightened and a spiritual genius. He has access to a level of consciousness that most people are denied. He has a unique intuitive knowledge and his energy is of special kindness and purity.

He was never part of a spiritual community nor has he ever visited a spiritual teacher. Everything should happen in himself.

He says about himself: ” I am nobody. And I never want to be somebody again. Because it is the liberation of everything. It is not necessary to know anything else about me.”